As is tradition this year Punta de Lobos will have competition from giant waves

Ceremonial public 2018

Fully confirmed, one of the most important championships giant waves of Sudamerica, Ceremonial Punta de Lobos, It will take a break this year to make way for Haka Honu-industrial 2019, Qualifier event that has a waiting period between the 15 July 30 September to wave conditions are at least 6 meters high, convene the 28 national best big wave surfers and deliver 6 quotas for Ceremonial Punta de Lobos 2020.

The organization of the competition seeks to reduce the impact that this generates in Punta de Lobos due to the large number of people who convenes every year, He pointed to a more familiar event and connected with the environment as it was in its infancy.

Stay tuned for our social networks to find out about the exact date of completion, and meanwhile gallery Ceremonial reviews 2018 here!

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