Punta de Lobos Pro 2016

This weekend (4 al 6 of November) the seventh round of the National Surf Circuit took place in Punta de Lobos. The Punta de Lobos Pro 2016 brought together the best exponents of Chile and waves finally they lived up. The event was undoubtedly a success, with waves between Saturday and Sunday they exceeded 2 meters, allowed attendees enjoy tubing and spectacular maneuvers by competitors.

National champion Nicolas Vargas 2016

National champion Nicolas Vargas 2016

Even smaller, struggling to demonstrate its high level and clear for first place, They dared to ride waves that doubled their size, in one of the most critical and difficult sections of Punta de Lobos, dazzling the audience with their skill and courage.

Between the 6 categories highlighted in Open category Nicolas Vargas, national champion Guillermo Satt and dethroning Open Women Lorena Fica current number 1 national ranking female. Here we leave the winners for each category and event gallery!

Open category Men
1.- Nicholas Vargas – Pichilemu

Category Ladies Open:
1.- Lorraine It – Arica

Junior Men category:
1.- Roberto Araki – Rapa Nui

Junior Ladies category:
1.- Escobar Natalia – Pichilemu

Sub Category 16:
1.- Cristopher Rojas – Pichilemu

Sub Category 14:
1.- Nicolas Ramos – Arica

[Total: 1]