Sofía Mulanovich gets the Pichilemu Women's Pro 2016

Sofia Mulanovich First womans pro pichilemu 2016

Sofia Mulanovich Pichilemu 1st place Women's Pro 2016

Peru experienced surfer managed to keep first place in the Women's pro Pichilemu 2016 in a tight final played against Costa Rica Leilani McGonagle. championship, who handed over 10.000 dollars in prize money and was held in Punta de Lobos, It had a frame of public never seen before in this type of event, which speaks of exponential growth that has experienced the surf a few years ago.

Starting on Friday with very unfavorable wind conditions, competitors had to show all his talent and experience to make the most of the few series of waves coming out so we can move on to the next round.

pichilemu public womans pro 2016

Public final day Pichilemu Women's Pro 2016

On Saturday the wind conditions were optimal, but the waves were expected and surfers had few opportunities to add score. This second day of competition was marked by a visitor forced to stop the championship for a few minutes. A shark spotted by the jet skis that provide security and support for competing, He forced the organization to remove all water, competitors and surfers were practicing elsewhere. After minutes of uncertainty and a series of sweeps made by the bikes championship could resume as normal.

The third and final day of competition without doubt was the best, with incredible frame overflowing public beach and viewpoints, the sun and waves did not want to be absent, allowing attendees to enjoy the beach as if it were midsummer, while the waves improved in size and frequency also catching up to the grand finale of Pichilemu Woman's Pro 2016. The event ended in 3rd place leaving the ariqueña Lorena Fica and Argentina Josefina Ané, 2nd place in the Costa Rican Leilani McGonagle and 1st place in the Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich who took 6.000 USD as a prize and 1.500 QS ranking points.

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