Season giant waves that you can not miss

Climate changes affecting the world are a fact, and like all, Pichilemu also have noticed. Normally the season giant wave in the southern hemisphere occurs in the period autumn - winter, time when sea storms are generated in, south Pacific Ocean, produce poorly known "tidal waves" that travel hundreds of kilometers to the coast of Chile, where to meet shallower funds, up waves that can reach up 10 meters in areas such as Los Morros de Punta de Lobos.

But nevertheless, in recent years, It has been increasingly common to see these swells off season, Thus this summer 2017 Punta de Lobos had more than one day with waves along the 5 meters, phenomenon that a few years ago was extremely rare. Thanks to the above, and what we have seen at the beginning of this fall (2017), This season is expected to be one of the best in recent years, floods may get to see every week, opportunity that no big wave surfer want to miss, so this year we have a guaranteed show, you just have to be vigilant.

So next time you hear that storm surges approach, think of Pichilemu and if weekend, escape to the surfing capital in a show natural, world-class, completely free and completely safe.

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