Leilani McGonagle Pichilemu Crown Women's Pro takes 2017


Leilani McGonagle in the wave of 10 points that gave him the crown.

Young Costa Rican only 17 Pichilemu years champion was crowned Women's Pro 2017 beating the Australian Freya Pruemm in a tight end under conditions of near-perfect wave.

After finishing second last year (2016) before the Peruvian and former world champion Sofía Mulanovich, Leilani McGonagle Punta de Lobos again wanting revenge and from the beginning showed himself to campeonar.

The first two days of competition the wave was very complicated, with great power, messy sea and series that often exceeded 2 meters, the surfers had to test all their physical and mental capacity to make progress on each sleeve.

However and fate of all, the third day came with epic conditions. Bright sunshine accompanied the great crowd that repletaba the viewpoints and the beach, with little wind, sea ​​waves orderly and no more than 2 meters, It was all given to have a top-notch end sleeves. And at low tide the semifinals that left competitors launched Daniela Rosas (Peru) and Josefina Ane (Argentina) both with 3rd place and gave way to Freya Pruemm (2of the place) y Leilani McGonagle (1st place) play the final. And it was the young Costa Rican surfer, who in a final run with good but few waves, He took it and ran with great style and solidity, a wall of water that gave him perfect 10 points (top marks) and she allowed him to stay with the first QS his young and promising career.

[Total: 2]