Beaches Pichilemu

Pichilemu is the largest resort in the sixth region during the summer and receives thousands of tourists looking to enjoy the sun, sea ​​and sand, and if it comes beaches, the Surf Capital of the options abound!

Main Beach Pichilemu: Very extensive and crowded, ideally on foot, although it has metered parking, life jackets and a range of services and activities available to vacationers.

Main Beach Pichilemu.

Infiernillo beach: Somewhat smaller than the main beach, but quieter and away from the city center, It has surf schools, sector de food tracks, life and walk is ideal because it has few parking lots around.

Infiernillo beach, Pichilemu.

Punta de Lobos: located 6 km de Pichilemu, It is one of the most beautiful beaches, known and visited Pichilemu, you need to go by car or locomotion if you are not in the surrounding area, but still get a good picture walking down the beach from Pichilemu, has lifeguards on their 2 sectors, surf schools and tracks food sector, but if you go by car at rush hour congestion and find lots of parking problems, to consider!

Playa Grande Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu.

Beach Cáhuil: located 12 km south of Pichilemu, so it is ideal to arrive by car or public transportation, lagoon and sea has, Although the beach of the sea is not suitable for swimming, The lagoon has lifeguards, Parking, kayak rental, boating and a craft fair where you can eat or take a souvenir of the place, which it is certainly ideal to go with little ones so they can enjoy security and tranquility of the lagoon.

Beach Cáhuil, 12 km south of Pichilemu.
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