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«Find the best restaurants, restobars and cafes of Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos and Cáhuil»



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Green Dreams Food – Pichilemu

Green Dreams Food arrives in Pichilemu with a proposal that seeks to encourage healthy and conscious consumption through the use of products 100% vegan, being friendly with our body and the ....
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Virú Restaurant – Pichilemu

Viru Pop Peruvian cuisine is made with local ingredients from the region VI. Located in the Altomar shopping center , way to Punta de Lobos, Viru restaurant delivers seasoning 100% Peruvian under the ...
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La Wafflería Bruselas – Pichilemu

The Waffleria Brussels is undoubtedly one of the most renowned places to go out for breakfast, lunch or have dinner in Pichilemu. The place, also Pet Friendly is located in Playa Hermosa, fair...
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El Cardon Café Restobar – Pichilemu

El Cardón brings to Pichilemu a concept of a sustainable and eco-friendly restaurant, has its own “eco-garden” to offer you the best flavor with organic ingredients, fresh ...
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La Sal Restaurant – Pichilemu

La Sal Restaurant is an open space for all those who want to share and enjoy good gastronomy. Inspired by local products, here we seek to rescue the flavors ...
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La Cahuileña – Cáhuil

The new law of the munchies reaches the beautiful town of Cáhuil, 12 km south of Pichilemu, with delicious and really hearty homemade burgers, mechadas, crispy pollo the falafel ...
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Sangucheria La Contra – Pichilemu

Come to combat hunger in La Contra, one of the best places in all of Pichilemu where you will find delicious and abundant sandwiches at the best price, ranging from classic Viennese ...
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Las Salinas Restaurant – Cáhuil

Located in Cáhuil, to south of Pichilemu and road to Las Salinas, Restaurant Las Salinas has spacious interiors and a terrace overlooking the Cáhuil lagoon, what do you ...
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