Inorder in Pichilemu on the best panoramas of the capital of Surf!

Pichilemu is a magical and natural place, full of places to discover and things to do, panoramas attractive and suitable for all tastes, for all ages and budgets, of which we leave one detail below so you will be excited to know and enjoy new experiences in this incredible place:

Kayak trips:

kayaking lagoon with bird watching Cahuillasts 2 to 4 hours and starts next to the old raft Cáhuil, where the journey after practice some basic navigation techniques starts with the estero Nilahue, where you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the place, In addition to observe the birds that inhabit the area, as the Swan Coscoroba, Black Swan Neck, Taguas, Ducks and herons, inter alia.

  • Price per person: $25.000 .-
  • Details and reservations here.

Boat ride:

boats and windsurfing lagoon CahuilThis walk along the lagoon Cáhuil lasts between 20 minutes 1 hour and is guided by boatmen of the town, but if you know you can surf rowing the boat on your own to enjoy the experience even more, that allows you to appreciate the beautiful scenery surrounding the lagoon from a unique perspective.

  • Value: Since $5.000 p / p
  • entering details here.

Tunel Biketour the Tree:

The tour has a 5 hours and allow you to enjoy an experience that mixes adrenaline and sport with a trip to the past, where you can explore the old way, railway stations and tunnels that reached Pichilemu, among which is the Tree Tunnel, which it has an exact distance 1960 meters (almost 2 km.)

  • Value: $20.000 p / p includes bicycles, transport, snack and safety equipment.
  • Details and reservations here.

Trekking Ruins Tanumé:

tanume ruins sphinxes pichilemuAbout ten kilometers walk (four to five hours round trip hike), through trails that stand out for its panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs that accompany it, until you reach the ruins of the farm Tanumé, where lies an imposing and mysterious mansion centennial, guarded by Egyptian sphinxes and centenarian tree species.

  • Value: $25.000 w / w includes transfer and snack.
  • Details and reservations here.

Surf lessons:

Located in Punta de lobos, Playa Grande Surf School offers quality furnishings and a comfortable infrastructure, certified teachers with experience and authorization for conducting surf lessons and equipment rental, Classes can be customized and consist of 1 hour with the teacher and 2 hours free practice, the value includes the suit and surfboard.

  • Value: individual instruction $20.000.- Group class $15.000 p / p
  • Details and reservations here.

Pichilemu pedals:

On your bike and discover Pichilemu 2 wheels! Runs along the waterfront and enjoy the landscape with a quiet family walk or go to the rural areas through dirt roads with steep climbs and descents vertiginous. The path the choose your!

  • Value 1 time: $2.000.-
  • Value 1/2 day hour: $5.000.-
  • Full day time value: $9.000.-
  • Details and reservations here.

Afternoon Spa:

Located in the forests of Pichilemu, Terra Bella Spa awaits you with wooden tubs (Hot Tub) capable 1 until 10 persons, all independent terraced. You can also lie down in their beds of quartz or take a relaxing massage session and descontracturantes which may include magnets or volcanic stones.

  • Values: Hot Tub $12.000.- w / w - bed quartz $8.000.- 45. me. - Massage from $20.000.-
  • Details and reservations here

These are just some of the scenarios that Pichilemu offered throughout the year, If you want to see more options you can enter our activities section below!

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