Feast of Ostra 2019 – Cáhuil

Oyster tasting, Cáhuil.

it 16 of March (2019) We had the opportunity to enjoy Cáhuil of the first version of The Feast of Ostra, the event was completely familiar, It took place in the soccer of this locality, He attracted thousands of attendees during the day and was attended by authorities, artists and entertainers, plus games and activities for smaller traders and samples, producers and local artisans, who were able to present all the advantages offered by this beautiful and magical place located south of Pichilemu.

In addition to tasting oysters, those grown in the same lagoon Cáhuil, attendees could taste delicious dishes like ceviches, pailas marinas, roasted cachambas, lambs to the post and empanadas, accompanied by wines from vineyards in the sixth region, beers from the area, and natural juices, all complemented by excellent music and staging by local and national artists, that had as main course the brilliant staging of Yerko Puchento, who proved perfectly know the area by making the audience laugh with local contingency to finish with a spectacular show “Halloween night” which he made the audience dance.

This event was certainly a success that exceeded all expectations, hope to repeat the 2020 and start to become a tradition for this beautiful and peaceful place.


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