The World Women's Surf Pichilemu again!

premiacion leilani mcgonagle pichilemu womens pro 2017

Leilani Mcgonagle ganadora del Pichilemu Women's Pro 2017

For the fifth consecutive year Punta de Lobos will host a date (the fifth year) World Tour women's surfing. The Pichilemu Women’s Pro 2018, to develop between the 1 and 3 of November (2018), first will be 100% carbono neutral, implying that will minimize the impact that the championship may cause environmental. The event that annually draws thousands of spectators during their 3 competition days, It will be attended by more than 40 competing throughout Chile and the world, among which national Lorena Fica (Arica) y Jessica Anderson (Pichilemu).

This date divided $15.000 dollars in prizes and delivery 1.500 points to move up the World Ranking Women, so the competitors will come with everything to fight for points to climb and be among the 20 World's greatest, in order to qualify for the Women's World Champion Tour, the most important level of women's surfing competition.

The surfers confirmed for the moment to participate in this wonderful event are:

·Leilani McGonagle, (Costa Rica 18 °)
·Dominic Barona (Ecuador 21°)
· Melanie Giunta (Peru 33 °)
Sofia Mulánovich (Peru 53 °)
Josefina Ane (Argentina 54°)
Camilla Kemp (Portugal 62°)
Lucia Martino (Spain 67 °)
Anali Gómez (Peru 69 °)
· Emily Nishimoto (Japan 72 °)
· Lorena is (Chile 95°)
· Freya Prumm (Australia 108°)
Lucia Casoleto (Argentina 121°)
Jessica Anderson (Chile 131°)
Julia Camargo (144 ° Brazil)
· Mar Pérez Del Solar (Peru 168 °)
Trinity Safe (Chile 321°)

The 3 day championship match a long weekend ( Thursday 1 and Friday 2 of November), allowing us to predict that we will have a great crowd, so, If you do not want to miss this event you start planning your trip from now, Do not wait more, find the best accommodation in Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos and entering Cáhuil here.

Finally we invite you to revive in the next gallery Pichilemu what was the Women's Pro 2017 which he left champion Leilani McGonagle the Costa Rican with only 17 years old!

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