Ceremonial returns to its roots

After the WSL (world surf league) transform the event into a date world tour giant waves, there were several changes this suffered, from impeding the free transmission via streaming by national media, until the change of name to "Punta de Lobos Challenge" in 2016, event that was never realized because no conditions occurred during the waiting period.

cristian merello grown tip wolves

Cristian Merello grown Punta de Lobos 2017

After making and unmaking the most important championship giant waves sudamerica, it is 2017 the WSL rejected several dates World Tour, including Punta de Lobos, Ideal opportunity for this party national surf back to its roots, recovering its original name and having as main protagonists surfers and local sponsors, thus acquiring a more familiar character, with a sustainable focus and less commercial.

Thus the waiting period was launched to carry out the Ceremonial Punta de Lobos between 15 June and 15 September 2017, term which is expected to hit the coast a storm surge with waves of Pichilemu at least 7 meters, minimum height required to launch the event where they will compete 24 national and international surfers, among which local Cristián Merello, Diego Medina, Ramón Navarro, Ignacio Navarro, León Vicuña and Héctor Vargas, who will compete to be crowned champions of this mythical event.

Unlike previous, Ceremonial this year has a much more sustainable character. There will be great emphasis on transmitting via streaming, thus reducing the impact that the event attracting thousands to the cliffs of Punta de Lobos, in addition to recycling points and environmental education.

So be attentive to the green alert and meanwhile you can relive the last spate of proportions that reached the shores of the Capital of Surf!

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