dolphins, more of 500 Punta de Lobos copies

On Tuesday 4 June arrived early at Punta de Lobos to cover a storm surge with waves 4 to 5 meters, an event as always wanted them to show.

dolphins tip wolves pichilemu

Risso's dolphins in Punta de Lobos

That morning there was something different in Punta de Lobos, It is normal to see birds, a couple of dolphins and a lone wolf seeking to feed near Los Morros, but just by watching a few minutes we realized there was something special. There was a lot more wildlife and normal movement, hundreds of birds fishing, a pair of seals jumping near the rocks and a trio of wolves, It was part of what we saw before the show started.

There was almost no wind, so the sea was very even, which allowed us to see a large body of water that unlike the rest of the Ocean, he was very revolt and slowly approached Punta de Lobos, we begin to pay attention and the show began. Gradually they began to appear the dorsal fins, then they began jumping, some jumped alone, other coordinated, were hundreds, some say over 1000 Risso's dolphins, passing behind the hills, jumping and swimming in Southbound.

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