Growing oysters on Lagoon Cáhuil

Oyster farming in the Laguna de Cáhuil can be developed thanks to for much of the year, Estero Nilahue empties into the Pacific Ocean, causing near the level of the sea water is salty lagoon, thus forming the basis for cultivating oysters, molluscs filter feeders salt lagoon with microorganisms that it contains, which promotes optimal development.

The cultivation process can be carried out throughout the year and is available under the surface of the water row “lanterns” (mesh or cage where the seed will Oyster) extending about 4 hectares of the lagoon.

Get a 400 oyster seeds by flashlight, adding more than 35.000 seeds in total, which they are revised every monitorerar growth 15 days. After 3 to 4 months and depending on the salinity and water quality of the lagoon, molluscs will be ready and will have the necessary size for removal.

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