Corona trial Punta de Lobos 2016

Few times a year we have the opportunity to enjoy an event like the Corona-industrial, and the Sunday 19 of June (2016) It was memorable. With a great crowd and a family atmosphere, Punta de Lobos were greeted with waves up 8 meters. Despite the norther that was not expected and increased with the passing hours, the 28 national surfers tested all his skill and experience to fight for 3 quotas in the Punta de Lobos Challenge (better known as Ceremonial).

Before 9:00 am and were the first riders in the water ready to lose those huge olona. With a somewhat slow start by the ocean, opportunities were scarce catch a wave and 45 minutes that lasted each sleeve were few, but late in the morning Punta de Lobos began to show its full potential, increasing in size and frequency.

Guillermo Satt-industrial crown tip wolves 2016

Guillermo Set, First of The Corona-industrial 2016.

In the afternoon, the final was long with a north wind hit hard and even harder to get down and run a successful wave. But nevertheless, the high level of competitors, It allowed us to enjoy an intense final, that was not decided until the last minute, with the entry of series of waves advancing against time, and that he was allowed to ariqueño Guillermo Satt, stay with the top of the Corona-industrial, leaving second local representative Ignacio Navarro and third Federico Mekis. These 3 surfers, Ramon Navarro accompany, Diego Medina, Cristian Merello and Chacha Ibarra, representing Chile in the Punta de Lobos Challenge, to develop conditions arise penalties.

Thus it ended this great event, with an incredible audience behaved and showed great respect for this treasure called Punta de Lobos once again delighted us with waves of epic proportions.

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