Cáhuil, Linda Playa

pond and bridge Cahuil, pichilemu, chile

Pond and bridge Cahuil, Pichilemu.

This peaceful and beautiful town located 12 kilometers south of Pichilemu, It is seated in between mountains, forests and along the estuary Nilahue, in winter, with the rising waters flowing into the sea ends, which along with the tide changes, input produces saltwater estuary mixing with fresh water and results in an incredible richness and biodiversity, allowing find everything from fish and shellfish, which they include farmed oysters in the lagoon, to dozens of species of birds such as herons, swans, gulls and ducks, in addition to generating the ideal conditions for the craftsmanship of the Salt Cáhuil, factors that make this, a place truly unique.

Cáhuil perfect place to rest and enjoy fine dining at its various restaurants and inns, They are waiting for you with open doors and fresh local produce all year. The variety is wide and you can find specialties like crazy entries to May, limono machas oysters with parmesan, pailas marinas, piures, ceviches reineta or corvina, empanadas, pejereyes fried fish and other fried lo pobre, options for all tastes and budgets.

A good overview is to stroll through its more than 6 km of almost deserted beaches, so at the end of the day, enjoy the beautiful sunsets that this place gives us. In its tranquil lagoon you can perform many activities, from fishing and snorers pejereyes, to guided tours or boat rowed by yourself, kayaking or stand up paddle (SUP), spotting dozens of birds or visit Las Salinas in Barrancas south of this place.

In summer, its lagoon has areas suitable for swimming, guarded by lifeguards, where hundreds of tourists enjoy each season, It is also at this time when the salt harvest is done in the Las Salinas, what it is presented as a unique opportunity to learn the entire process of production and artisanal mining explained by the same salineros, In addition to carrying salt to your table and other memorabilia at a great price.

So do not expect more, Come meet this beautiful place. Cáhuil and Pichilemu are waiting for you throughout the year!

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