Anali Gomez is again with Pichilemu Women's Pro

Anali Gomez, Bi-Campeona Pichilemu Women’s Pro

Infartante in a final was decided only in the last 2 minutes, Analí Goméz of Peru, Freya managed to beat Pruemm of Australia, staying with first place in the contest for the second year, making it the first Bi-Champion of the Pichilemu Women's Pro since it is done.

The development of the championship, which incidentally it was Carbon Neutral, It was not easy, to having to be postponed from its original date it was for the weekend 31 October, because of the social unrest affecting the country.

The first 2 competition days were difficult, with very little wave, competitors should take advantage of the 100% every opportunity they are presented to advance to the next round.

But Punta de Lobos could not miss and luckily for competitors and attendees, on Sunday, last day of competition, the Pacific Ocean woke up and started pumping waves that allowed the finalists demonstrate their high level and quality of surf, delighting the thousands of people who repletaron Punta de Lobos for the sixth consecutive year.

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