Peruvian Anali Gomez gets the Pichilemu Women's Pro 2018

After winning a close final against the defending previous championship, Leilani McGonagle Costa Rica, Peruvian Anali Gomez champion "Maui And Sons Pichilemu Women's Pro 2018 crowned″.

Anali Gomez after winning the grand final.

After the competition on Saturday should be suspended for a strong northerly wind which depleted the wave conditions, on Sunday with an impressive part of the public that exceeded 4.000 people by organization, They are carried out rooms, semifinals and final.

The final day began just after 10:00 4th hours with final. In the first heat Leilani McGonagle exceeded the ariqueña Lorena Fica. Then it would be the turn of the pichilemina Jessica Anderson, with high level who managed to defeat Argentina's Lucia Cosoleto.

The third heat would also be for Chile, Natalia Escobar who left on the way to the Portuguese Camilla Kemp, showing all its category. By last, the fourth duel was to Analí Gómez, Puerto Rican who defeated Havanna Cabrero.

Already in semifinals, Leilani McGonagle would face versus Jessica Anderson, and Natalia Gómez Escobar versus Analí, which unfortunately left out in both heats Chilean surfers, leaving the public with the desire to see a national exponent contesting the final of the event.

The day progressed, the tide went out and kept pumping sea perfect waves, It was time for Leilani and Analí took the water to contest the grand final. For half an hour the spectators enjoyed rapid and impressive maneuvers, only at the end of heat and very little room,  he was allowed to stay with the crown Peruvian.

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