Bicitour Road Tunnel Tree – Pichilemu

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  • It includes transfer, snack, bike, lenses, helmet.
Enjoy an incredible cycling experience that mixes adrenaline and sport with a trip to the past that lets you travel the old way, stations and tunnels through which passed the railroad that once arrived in Pichilemu. The tour has a 5 Hours of duration, Group starts out from Pichilemu, Larraín Alcalde to the station where we expect the bikes with which we will enter through trails and forest roads, through different milestones as the overpass "Las Mulas" and the old station "the Lingue", then go through a first tunnel, short and expeditious, before reaching the Tunnel Tree, which it has an exact distance 1960 meters (almost 2 km.) in a perfect straight line that lets you see your departure as a tiny point of light in all the darkness. Reaching the tunnel exit, We take a break to start back on both tunnels and finish with an incredible drop. Ideal to finish the tour with a good shot of adrenaline!



service includes: Transfer courtesy car, bike, helmet, snack. 5 Hours of duration.


Monday: Closed
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Friday: Closed
Saturday: Departures: 9:30 Hrs. and 14:30 Hrs.
Sunday: Departures: 9:30 Hrs. and 14:30 Hrs.

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