«Find the best panoramas and activities to do in Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos and Cáhuil»


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Aguas de Ciruelos Recreational Center – Cáhuil Rural Sector

The Aguas de Ciruelos Recreational Center is located in the rural sector at 14 kilometers from Pichilemu. This spacious and beautiful place has 2 amazing outdoor pools, quinchos,...
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Pichimahuida MountainBoards – Pichilemu

We invite you to be part of this radical outdoor experience on the hills and hills of Pichilemu and its surroundings., in this complete sport that mixes several disciplines such as ...
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Ex Railway Station Museum

The former Railway Station connected from the branch old San Fernando, with an extension of 119 kilometres, which it was begun at the end of the decade 1880 to be finished ...
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Terra Bella Spa – Pichilemu

Located in a rustic and natural environment, Terra Bella Spa awaits you with wooden tubs (Hot Tub) with capacities ranging from 1 until 10 persons, all on independent terraces and can ...
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The tour Salinas de Cáhuil

Las Salinas de Cáhuil are located in the sector “Barrancas” 2 km. south of Cáhuil and 14 km south of Pichilemu. They normally start production in September / October to finish ...
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Playa Grande Surf School – Punta de Lobos

Surf School Playa Grande is definitely one of the best in Pichilemu. It is located on the main beach of Punta de Lobos, where they have certified instructors in classes and ...
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Trekking The algueros and Tanumé – North Pichilemu

The trip takes about an hour by car from Pichilemu to caletilla The Huachos, place to start the walk south to Pichilemu. The trail stands out for its ...
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Pichilemu pedals – Pichilemu

On your bike and discover Pichilemu 2 wheels! Runs along the waterfront and enjoy the landscape with a quiet family walk. If you are looking for more trouble, you can go to rural areas to ...
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Paddling and Birdwatching – Cáhuil

This journey through La Laguna de Cáhuil and Estero Nilahue allow you to appreciate the corners of this ecosystem from a unique perspective, lasts 3 to 4 hours and start loading the kayaks ...
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Bicitour Road Tunnel Tree – Pichilemu

Enjoy an incredible cycling experience that mixes adrenaline and sport with a trip to the past that lets you travel the old way, stations and tunnels where it passed ...
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Crafts Tour Pañul – On Pichilemu

Pañul is a rural area located 18 km south of Pichilemu it characterized by its well-known work with clay extracted in the same area, which is very fine and a shade more ...
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Surf School El Diamante – Punta de Lobos

We are the Surf School “El Diamante”, located in Punta de lobos, on the small beach, we have quality equipment and a comfortable infrastructure, teachers with ...
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La Bodega de la Sal – Cáhuil

La Bodega de la Sal awaits located in Cáhuil, 12 km south of Pichilemu. Here you can buy sea salt Cáhuil in different formats, with dressings as merken, parsley, chive, garlic and ...
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Boating – Laguna de Cáhuil

Enjoy a boat ride on the lagoon Cáhuil, where you can appreciate the tranquility and the beautiful landscapes surrounding the lagoon, During the tour you will be able to see different types of ...
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